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Casting         Forging         Precision Machining         Injection Molding

Casting/Forging/Sheet metal processing
Casting (two processes)
1. Lost wax (yellow wax) process
Specialty Solutions offers metal parts weighted from 0.5kgs-150kgs. This process is usually used to replace sand casting process. This results in better component quality than sand castings in tolerance control and surface finish. Also competitive pricing.

2. Colloidal silica binder process 
This process is used for specific larger stainless steel castings for weight from 0.50kg-80kgs with medium tolerance requirements.


The complete equipment lineups include our partner forging factories. Together we can fully satisfy your forged parts requirements with components weighing up to 40kgs.

Equipment List
  » 3t die forging air hammer
  » 1000t oil-hydraulic press
  » 2500t friction press
  » 5t flat-die hammer
  » 2500t hot die forging press
  » 1500 tons punch
  » 50t forging manipulator
  » 3150t hydraulic forging press
  » Ring forging

Precision Machining

Specialty Solutions specializes in precise mechanical parts for materials such as brass, copper, stainless steel, iron, and aluminum.
  » Mister/sprayer parts and jet gun parts for material such as brass, copper, and stainless steel.
  » Water heating hardware parts.
  » Fasteners and pressed parts (copper, iron and stainless steel)

Equipment List for machining process
Equipment/Machine Mode Quantity
CNC Lathe CAK6150B/6150BJ/6150P/6163P/6161P 50
Machining Center TK-1050H.VMAC & TAIWAN FEELER VB-715A      2
Lathe CYL6140/CA6140A/CA6140 20
Drilling Machine Z512-2/Z5150 Z/Z5140/Z5132/Z3050X16/1 15
Milling Machine X06225 10
Surface Roughness Measurement     MITUTOYO SJ.201 2
CMM MQ8106 1
20ton Traveling Crane LD5-14.85 2

Injection Molding/Blow Molding

Equipment List Shot Size Quantity
Injection molding (HTF250W1) 570 gm 3
Injection molding (HTF200W1) 410 gm 3
Injection molding (HTF160W1) 320 gm 4
Injection molding (HTF120W1) 200 gm 4
Injection molding (HTF90W1) 150 gm 2
Blow- molding (HFB75) 20 L 2
Blow-molding (PGB50L) 50 L 1

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